Tips For Gamblers to Enjoy the Pleasure583


Tips For Gamblers to Enjoy the Pleasure

If you love to gamble, gambling is surely the one thing that you want to engage in. The main question that you might have in your mind is if it is really worth having such an addiction and all the things that you have to look forward to when you are at the casino. Read on to find out how gambling could help you when you are thinking of going on a holiday and other fun times at the same time.

Casinos are a great way of getting some entertainment and activities at the same time. They are there to give you a memorable experience of fun and entertainment. For example, you can always think of going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos for a night of fun and entertainment. At these casinos, you will find all the games that you love like poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, craps table, and many more.

Now, let us talk about online gambling. Online casinos allow you to try your luck in games with live betting options available. You can also test out different online games and then choose the one that you think is fun and entertaining enough.

Online casinos are becoming quite popular these days. There are quite a number of online casinos which are available on the internet and you will never run out of options to try your luck in the games. It is better to play online roulette than the traditional games because there are chances of winning up to 80% of the time and thus you will feel the true sense of thrill when you are at the casino.

Do not rush into gambling and go for it at the right time. First, decide whether you would like to go to a casino for fun and gaming or for gambling. Also, consider the duration of your vacation. It is better to go for the fun and exciting games after you are done with your holiday and get tired of all the traditional games and enjoy yourself.

You can also look for simple online site that offers many games, such as baccarat, and online poker, poker table, etc. It is best if you are sure of what type of gaming you would like to try and when you would like to try it.

It is better to learn about the game that you are interested in. Online gambling has a lot of excitement to offer, so if you can commit yourself to this way of life, then there is no reason why you can’t enjoy it too.



Al Santuario di Monte Berico a Vicenza venerdì 28 giugno alle 21.00 un nuovo appuntamento per mettersi in ascolto di Marco Amato Bettiol attraverso la lettura di alcuni suoi scritti. 

La serata si svolgerà in collaborazione a Claudio Antonio Bosco.




In occasione del 7° anno dalla partenza per il Cielo di Marco Amato, ci troviamo sabato 14 Ottobre 2017 alla S. Messa delle 19 presso la Chiesa Parrocchiale di Dueville. A seguito della celebrazione, in Chiesa seguiranno musiche e letture di alcuni scritti di Marco che ci aiuteranno ad entrare in dialogo con lui. A conclusione un piccolo rinfresco nel vicino Oratorio S. Maria. A cura del gruppo COMPAGNI DI VIAGGIO


Doni, capaci di donare

Doni, capaci di donare

Si conclude il ciclo di incontri proposto a Dueville che ci ha accompagnato durante l’anno da Ottobre con i suoi stimoli e i dialoghi che ci hanno permesso di ritrovarsi un un intimo dialogo con Marco.
Vi proponiamo quindi l'appuntamento di venerdì 17 Giugno 2016 alle ore 20.45 presso la sala parrocchiale “Cafarnao” di Dueville in Piazza Monza 44.

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